Inner Beauty Trumps Physical Beauty

The belief that someone is beautiful is often more powerful than aesthetics alone. If you have confidence in your own beauty, it often shows through the way that you carry yourself. Higher levels of self-esteem also cause you to surround yourself with more positive people. Individuals respond to your energy, and can either flock or run away from it.

That being said, it is obvious that beauty is not as important as believing that you are beautiful.

For example, super models that grace the covers of magazines are often considered beautiful by the general public. But a lot of these models also happen to suffer from bulimia, anorexia, and low self-esteem.

If disbelieving in your own self-worth is so damaging, why do people continue to do it? Why don’t people instead believe in themselves, a process that costs nothing, and reaps only benefits?

Speaking as a person who rarely wears make up, and has no fashion sense, I could care less about my appearance. But even so, I still experience insecurities certain days, or fall into the trap of comparing myself to others.

I met up with a friend today who is constantly worried about her weight. She looks amazing! But she is still not happy with her appearance, and is convinced that she has to lose twelve pounds. I tried to explain to her that there is no “ideal” body type. I also praised her for eating healthily and exercising. It is my opinion, that as long as you are living a healthy lifestyle, weight is really not an issue. However, she could not be swayed.

In this situation, I really cannot do anything. No matter how much I talk to her, she will only feel content once she has accepted herself.

The power of the mind really is strong. No matter your appearance, if you are confident, it shows. Ladies, believe that you are a queen and you are one! Men, take a look into the mirror and say “Hello, handsome”! Go out into the world and strut your stuff. The only person holding you back is YOU.

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