Living With Anxiety

Heart pounding? Feeling short of breath? Have a thousand irrational fears running through your head? You might be like me, and many others, who suffer from Anxiety.

From several therapy sessions, and much time spent in self-reflection, I realize that my anxiety is caused from the feeling that I need to control everything. When I’m in control, I make the decisions. I determine how things turn out, and somehow I feel safer that way. But obviously, there are many things in our lives that are OUT of our control.

So how do you live with Anxiety?

During my worst times, I feel overwhelmed and depressed. Many times I can’t pinpoint exactly why I feel these feelings. As a side effect of these feelings, I lose my appetite. If I go a certain amount of time without eating, I get headaches and feel sick to my stomach.

Obviously, none of these things are wonderful. But the great thing is this: how I react to my Anxiety is something that I CAN control.

There are several different actions that I can take.

I can make the conscious decision to call a family member and talk out my feelings.

If I can’t call someone, I can write out my thoughts and then rationalize to myself. As weird as it may sound, the worries that plague your head are easier to rationalize when they are on paper. When you see those words in the light of day, they sound a lot sillier than they do in your head. In your head, these worries sound like legitimate fears. On paper, you realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

I can also turn on my iPod and listen to my favorite artists. For me personally, music does wonders. Music has the ability to transport you somewhere else, or remind you of a pleasant memory. If you love to sing (like I do) then you also release endorphins! (Those are the feel-good hormones)

Another activity that promotes the release of endorphins is exercise. I recently told my doctor that I would make the effort to exercise consistently. I now have a date with the pool three times a week. Can’t keep Mr. Chlorine waiting!

As you can see, there are many different options. Anxiety happens, but you don’t need to let it control your life. I’ve let it debilitate me at certain times in my life, and I’ve realized that there are simply no benefits in being a worry wart. So why continue in this bad habit? I still have my good and bad days, but I rejoice in the fact that good days outnumber the bad.

I hope that those of you out there who also suffer from Anxiety find this post to be uplifting. The first time that I read a post by a blogger who also had Anxiety, I felt so relieved to know that others felt the same way that I did.

Do you have any specific coping strategies that have helped you? Share your personal stories below. If you liked this post, be sure to check out my previous posts and subscribe!

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