What Makes Friendship?

In my experience, friendship has little to do with first impressions or how you met. It also seems that friendships persist whether you keep in constant contact with this person. From my observations, friendships continue as long as you make the effort.

Whether you see this person once a year or once a week, what matters is that you are thinking of this person.

People fall out of touch with each other all the time. It’s so weird to look back at pictures of yourself with a childhood friend, and think “What happened to that person?” At the time, this person meant the world to you. Now, you probably don’t even know if they live in the country!

Different life events happen that drive you away from people. Whether it was because you had the same love interest, changed schools, or moved away, all of these events cause you to lose contact with these people.

It also seems that as people evolve throughout their life, it is difficult or intimidating to approach an old friend. Someone may worry that they no longer have anything in common, or that this person will not remember them. Sometimes people feel guilty about not keeping in contact, or one person values the friendship more than the other.

However, keeping these close relationships intact are vital to maintaining a sense of self and happiness. Surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh often help keep your mind off of troubles. Also, having people around you that know you well can help you rediscover yourself when you feel lost. These people know your heart, and can help you see your best characteristics when you feel like you have no value.

And to trump it all, knowing that someone cares about your well-being makes you feel special.

When you make the extra effort to call an old friend you both benefit from the interaction. Everyone likes to know that someone else is thinking about them some time 😉

Do you have an old friend that you haven’t talked to in a while? Get in touch! Call, email, text, Facebook, or even write them a letter! Do something to show that you care. Most likely it will make their day, and it’s always good to talk to old friends 🙂

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