People Watching

I consider myself a rather observant person. I find glee in noticing little details that most people miss, and I’m always looking for those little quirks that people have. (Of course, most people don’t notice their own quirks and feel weird when you point them out. Lesson learned: don’t tell people your observations, you make them feel like an alien of sorts)

I feel like this characteristic of mine is also really helpful for building characters for acting. When you create a character, you really have to create a whole new being. And part of the reason humans are so wonderful is that there is so much variety in this world. People all have different ways of walking, talking, dressing, expressing their emotions….

This is all a long winded way of telling you that I love people watching.

Just sitting and eating dinner on campus, I can spot all kinds of different people.

You can usually tell the happy people from the bounce in their step. Or whether they bob their head when they are listening to music. (I’m one of those)

You can also tell when people are impatient or fidgety. These people swing their arms in line or start kicking the ground because they are bored.

I particularly love spotting the individuals who walk pigeon-toed.

You also notice that everyone keeps to themselves in public areas like these. I’m one of the only people who spends time looking around at everyone else. I try not to be creepy I swear. But I just figure, we are all a bunch of individuals eating by ourselves at the same place, we have something in common right?

What about you, readers? Do you people watch? Do you ever contemplate starting a conversation with your neighbor?

I just gotta know if people ever feel like me.

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