Bucket List

So after I came home from class, I sat on the couch and watched Netflix with the parental units. My mom had picked out “Now is Good” with Dakota Fanning.

The movie was quite good, and actually got me to cry a little. (I don’t normally cry in movies. Only certain things can make me cry. Hint: the scene where I shed some tears is when her dad is saying that he doesn’t want her to die)

Now after watching this, and also reading and watching “The Fault In Our Stars” it really gets you thinking.

Suppose I found out I had cancer some day and had a limited time to live. What would I do?

I hope to God that would never happen, and part of me even thinks it is silly to hypothesize a situation like this. I guess “silly” isn’t quite the word, more like “fear”. As if saying it would happen, even as a hypothetical situation, might cause my fate to change.

But the real point of this post is to dig, and dig deep. If I found out that I had a limited amount of time on this Earth and would afterwards face the unknown, what would I do?

I think it’s probably good to think of this every once in a while. Whether it is real or not, it does get you in a good frame of mind. Helps you get past all of the crap and get down to the nitty gritty, what you really want from life.

So! If I had a limited amount of time on this Earth, I would…

1)      Go to as many concerts as I can. Experience wonderful performances by amazing musicians and share a lovely experience with all the other music lovers.

2)      Try to get out of the country and see something beautiful. See something so breath-takingly beautiful it would make you believe in God.

3)      Spend a day shopping. Spending money on myself. (I really don’t spend money on myself past necessities like food, so it would feel nice to spoil myself haha)

4)      Ask a priest and/or nun why they entered the religious vocation

5)      Write post cards to people. Telling them my favorite memory of them or what I like about them. I would tell my family or someone I trust to mail them out once I’m gone.

6)      I would write thank you letters to those who have truly impacted my life for the better

7)      I would want to go on a day-adventure through a place that I don’t know anything about, even the language. I’d want to go where the wind would take me. Be happy with the little things and marvel at the beauty of life. That we are here on this Earth, living every day.

8)      Smile at a stranger

9)      Set a jar down and busk for tips on the streets

10)   Tell my family that I love them.

I realize that the list is short and simple. I’m a relatively simple person who doesn’t need much. Just shopping for a day without thinking of the cost, or writing notes to those who have made my life better would make me happy.

What would be on your bucket list? 

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2 Responses to Bucket List

  1. GirlyFashionBeast says:

    I watched Now is Good this evening, and have read The Fault In Our Stars awhile ago – I completely agree with you. We don’t understand how precious our life is, and it is really sad that the only way for us to value it is via books/movies about early teenage deaths from cancer.
    Regards, Ana

    • Hi Ana, thanks for stopping by! I agree with you in that life is precious and we often don’t recognize its immense value. I believe that books and movies showing loss of life at a young age helps us to notice things that we take for granted, but I feel like there are other avenues for this gratitude to be recognized as well. For example, whenever I am out in nature or working out at the gym, I feel grateful for the fact that I have my five senses and working limbs to be able to do these things. Taking a step back in your day to day life and just noticing the blessings that you have helps keep you grounded I think.

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