Not Your Typical Beauty Pageant Girl

“And next up we have contestant #11, Cammy! Cammy has a 4.0 GPA and volunteers at a hospital for cancer children. In her spare time she likes walks on the beach and spending time with her boyfriend”.

In addition to being an amateur humanitarian and brainiac, Cammy is tall, thin, and extremely gorgeous.

I’ve known two beauty pageant queens, and they are absolutely wonderful people.

But even so, one thing about beauty pageants bugs me. And I guess it should be expected, since it is in the name, but why is it that we judge women based on beauty? Yes, these women are not just beautiful, they do volunteer work, have jobs, and great grades. But why is it that being beautiful is almost a “pre-requisite” to being involved in the competition?

The participants in these pageants wear beautiful gowns, skyscraper high heels, and makeup. Some beauty pageants even have swim-suit sections as part of the competition. Hold on, let me just oil up, slap on an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polka-dot bikini and 5 inch heels.

So much effort goes into people talking about how the women taking part in these beauty pageants aren’t shallow. They are beautiful, smart, independent, and even talented! We have a talent section in our competition where you can sing or dance or do something else novel.

And just so you know, I am not accusing these women of being shallow. Rather, I am upset that it seems that you must be beautiful to enter these competitions and be appreciated as a young lady. Why is it that we don’t have competitions for average-looking women who also do all of these wonderful things, and perhaps more? Why can’t we have competitions or celebrations of young ladies who are amateur humanitarians and brainiacs and simply not your average “beauty pageant girl”?

Because when we get down to it, even if these beauty pageants have talent and interview sections, they also have evening wear and swim suit sections. This girl might be a great human being, but we need to see her in a revealing gown and swim suit first.

Let’s try and emphasize what’s on the inside rather than the outside.

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