What I Can and Can’t Control

There are certain things that you can control, and certain things you can’t.

For example, I can’t control the fact that there’s a limited number of hours in a day. Or that my family has a history of hypertension and mental illness. Or that someone might hit my car when I leave it in the parking lot.

But I can control how I use my time. I can go to therapy and exercise. I can make sure that I park within the boundaries of my parking space, or park further away from other cars.

The bottom line is this: there’s always some action that you can take to make the situation better.

Sometimes that action may be even not doing anything at all. Accepting that some things will never change, or choosing to not provoke someone into an argument.

You control what you do, and can always make the decision to either follow or ignore your emotions.

When I become anxious and nervous, I make the decision to do so. I allow it to overcome me. I let myself become worried for no good reason.

When I am calm and happy, that is also a conscious decision. I choose to focus on the pleasant things, to be happy about the little victories.

Life is a choice.

What do you choose to be today?

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