I Think I Can

Do you remember that story from your childhood about the little engine that thought he could?

I think I can! I think I can!

That’s how I feel about swimming.

I recently made the decision to start hitting the gym every day, instead of three times a week. So far it’s been going well, other than getting to the gym later than I want to. I’ve found out through trial and error that no matter what time I get up, I’ll reach the gym two hours later.

Because I’m still getting back into shape and not used to swimming daily laps, I need to take it easy. I make sure to rest in between laps and not strain myself.

I feel embarrassed about resting while other swimmers may be swimming multiple laps at a time without stopping. I’m also self-conscious about the fact that I get there later than other swimmers and leave before they are done with their work out.

But I just need to remind myself that it’s all about the little victories.

When I’m resting at the end of the pool, I congratulate myself for making it to the gym. I tell myself that I’m getting stronger, and that these things take time.

And I’m really happy that I’ve been swimming, because I can feel the difference. I don’t feel as easily tired as when I first started out. I’m able to swim more laps than I did previously. I feel that my arms are stronger because I can really feel them pulling the water. The change is also noticeable in the mirror. (I can flex now and the muscle is visible)

Whatever it is that you’re struggling with reader, stick with it. Think those positive thoughts, and soon “I think I can” becomes “I know I can”.

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