Open Yourself to the Sun

This song is one of my favorite songs to listen to when I’m not feeling so great. It’s encouraging, understanding, and beautifully written. If you enjoyed it, I highly suggest that you look into Carter Hulsey’s other work. He’s a great songwriter, and his band is really good too.

Sometimes it’s easy to look at the past with “rose colored lenses”. Ironically, we can sometimes be our own worst enemy when it comes to moving on.

In my personal situation, I have been struggling with an ex who will not stop contacting me. He has also bothered my other family members. Being a person who is an optimist, I like to think that he has changed for the better. I almost convince myself that he deserves another chance, or that I should at least listen to him.

However, one of my other family members has helped me gain some perspective. Ever since the break up, I have opened myself to more opportunities. I’m no longer holding myself back. I’m concerned only about my happiness, and I’ve made huge strides in personal growth. I’ve started this blog, pay regular visits to the gym, and also play my guitar more. I’m less stressed, and all around more happy and healthy.

This is not to say that our relationship was completely horrible and detrimental to myself, but there were definitely negative side effects that I did not notice at the time.

People often say that change is difficult. However, I like to think differently. When one changes for the better, it is often easy and positive. Only when you look behind to the past do you hinder yourself. Look forward and keep moving to better days.


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