Happy One Month!

Hello readers, this will be just a short ditty. Today I realized that it has been exactly one month since I published my first blog post. And I am so happy with what I have achieved and learned in this month!

Currently, I have written 29 posts (this will be the 30th) and received 334 views from 6 different countries. I have 28 followers, and have 18 comments on my blog. (Of course, half of those are my replies to original comments, but I am happy that anyone has discovered my blog at all and felt inclined to comment!)

I realize that these numbers are quite trivial to other blogs that are older and more popular blogs. But I’m happy even with these numbers. I started this blog thinking I would write once a week, and that no one would even read it. I’ve since found though that I really like writing on here, and look forward to it! I also enjoy reading work from other bloggers and the discussion that occurs online. I find it so amazing that I can share thoughts with someone as far away as Singapore or India. And even more amazing, some people actually enjoy reading what I write! HAHA

So thank you to all of you who have read my work, taken the time to like, comment or subscribe. It means a lot! Here’s to the future 🙂

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