I Find Nerds Attractive

I’ve always found that I’ve gravitated towards nerdy guys. I’ve always found smart guys to be really hot, because I admire their intellect and overall thirst for knowledge. Somehow I find their passion for chemistry or math to be endearing. Listening to someone talk about an academic subject with such an excited tone makes me smile.

I’ve never really been one to be focused on looks. Don’t get me wrong, six packs and gorgeous eyes definitely aren’t a turn off. But I’ve never really been able to talk to these kind of guys because I was always intimidated by their physique, and I’m not sure what we would talk about anyways. I’m not a person who’s up to date on the latest popular music/television shows/pop culture references. I also don’t know much about sports. (This is not to say that highly attractive men aren’t intellectuals. I just haven’t gotten close enough to talk to them and find out yet!)

When I see guys have a passion for something, or are able to articulate their ideas very well in front of others, their attractiveness rating goes up regardless of their actual physical attributes.

I guess one of the reasons why I’m attracted to nerds is because I’m a nerd myself.

I love to read. Learning new things excites me. After studying and finally understanding a difficult concept, I do a fist pump. When people make abstract references to things like Harry Potter, I totally get it. I laugh at the cheesiest jokes.

I admire people who are smart because they usually have some knowledge in a field that is unfamiliar to me, and I find that interesting. I love talking to people and asking them questions. I guess what I really value is the feeling you get when something “clicks”. If I don’t know anything about a subject, and then someone can explain the basics to me, I love the feeling that I understand and learned something new today.

I think one of the other reasons why I’m drawn to nerdy guys is that I generally like more shy guys. Of course, I don’t want a guy whose lips are shut tight like a clam. But I find it interesting to try and uncover what a shy guy is really thinking. If I could pick between a suave playboy and an awkward shy guy, I’d pick the shy guy every time.

When I hear a guy talking about the wonders of biology, I really can’t help myself…

What about you reader? Are there certain characteristics that you always find attractive in a person?

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