Beautiful Sights

Today’s one of those days when I’m just not feeling well. I’ve been trying to read manga to lift my mood, but it hasn’t worked too much. Instead of eating inside the cafeteria, I went outside for a change. It’s such a beautiful place out on the patio, and the weather’s great, but everyone else is sitting inside. I’m lucky that I get to witness this beauty. At the same time, it feels very sad that I have no one to share it with. Isn’t it a shame that people don’t always appreciate the beauty around them?

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7 Responses to Beautiful Sights

    • Thanks for answering Uncle Tree 🙂 Do you think it is possible to help people be more appreciate of the beauty around them? Or do you believe that it is more of a personal journey that the person has to discover themselves?

      • Uncle Tree says:

        If beauty is in the eye of the newt-holder, 😉
        then I better re-newt my computer,
        cuz somethin’s smellin’ fishy.

        Art appreciation is taught in school,
        so in some ways we can be educated.
        You also made me wonder – what or who
        might have been my very first encounter
        with beauty – so much so that I was charmed?

        When a man is at odds with himself, no amount
        of beauty is going to make his mean and ugly mood
        go away, but it wood be a good place to start.

        Do people act differently in a pretty flower garden?
        Is it easier to love in a gorgeous forest?
        What sort of peace might we find, if we fought beautiful wars?

        • Thanks for the food for thought 🙂 I think it would be very interesting if we were able to pin point exactly the moment we first discovered that something was beautiful. It seems so elementary, but it’d be interesting to see what exactly that object/action/person was and how it inspired us. I also agree with your thought that being surrounded by beautiful things or nature usually brightens someone’s mood. Usually for a study break I will go out and eat my lunch in the park. I’ll usually sit in silence for about an hour, just looking at the trees and listening to the birds. It’s quite calming. How exactly would you define a “beautiful war”?

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