Worrisome Wednesday

Having another anxious morning (like usual). Last night I had a confusing dream involving my ex and a childhood friend.

I think what I’m ultimately nervous about is eventually falling in love with someone else. Or just scared about the “dating” process in general.

My ex was my first boyfriend, so I had never experienced dating someone else before. Our relationship also blossomed from “just friends”, so I’m not too familiar with just going out with a guy on a date to get to know him.

I’m unaware of who this guy will be, where I will meet him, when I will meet him. It’s all a big bowl of uncertainty.

But I guess that’s the point right? Can’t prepare for everything in the future, no matter how hard you try. And I guess the surprises are what make life fun.

I think the best gift you could give yourself (and your future partner) is self-love. If you love yourself, everything else will fall into place. If you believe in your self-worth, you will not have difficulty understanding why someone else loves you. You will also avoid getting into a relationship in which you feel unequal compared to your partner.

Ultimately you will be happier! And you will attract others with similar perceptions as well. I’ve noticed this in groups of friends, where someone is insecure and surrounds themselves with other people who similarly have poor self-image. However, if a person is confident, many of their friends will also have positive self-images.

Almost everyone can benefit from some positive thoughts. Spend some time building yourself up, instead of tearing yourself down. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself! Listen to your favorite music. Have a dance party. Go out and exercise. Be happy, be healthy 🙂

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