Building Our Own Prisons

We are all just prisoners here, of our own device…

People are often told to “pick their poison”. Quite literally, humans persist in horrible habits that are detrimental to their health. Whether it is substance abuse, like drugs and alcohol, or choosing to stay with an abusive partner, we often create our own problems.

A lot of times we may paint ourselves as victims, however, we cannot always place the blame on others. No matter the situation, usually you also have some responsibility as well.

I think people usually stick with their habits just because they are more afraid of the future than anything else. Yes, your current situation may be horrible. But, there’s nothing to guarantee that a new situation will be any better, so you stay put.

However, living this way is so limiting!

It’s like living in a mansion, but confining yourself to one room.

It makes no sense to limit our thoughts, dreams, and actions with the possibility that things may not turn out great. There are simply no guarantees in life.

In these situations, it would probably make more sense to weigh the costs and benefits. You cannot live life “playing safe” all of the time. You have to gamble, you have to take risks. By going through these trials, we learn and gain more experience to succeed in the future.

So reader, how do you limit yourself? And how do you plan to release yourself from your “self-imposed prison”?

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