My Obnoxious Laugh

When I laugh, I laugh. The silliest things can make me laugh. When something so ridiculously unbelievably cool happens, I laugh. (Think “The Gentleman” from How I Met Your Mother). Watching cheesy Filipino teleseryes, I laugh. (teleseryes = soap opera). You know those teachers who make nerdy jokes about their subject matter? I laugh at those too. When I almost trip over flat surfaces, I laugh at myself.

I’m the worst comedian’s best dream come true.

And when I say laugh, I don’t mean chuckle or grin. I don’t have some cute quiet kind of laugh suitable for a “lady”. I snort. I throw my head back and laugh to the stratosphere. I slap my knees. I slap my neighbor’s knees.

So when I laugh, people stare. But I don’t care!

Just means that I’m having a good time, and they’re too uptight to appreciate it! Haha 🙂

I’ve had a lot of people tell me before that they love my laugh. When I laugh, I make other people laugh. I’m just that ridiculous.

And my laugh really is that distinctive. One time I was watching a theatre show at my highschool, and one of my friends knew that I was somewhere in that dark room because he heard me giggling off in the darkness.

So yes, when I laugh I am loud and proud.

What about you reader? Do you have any distinguishing characteristics that define you? What’s your laugh like?

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