Is Age Really “Just A Number”?

As I sat down next to him, it didn’t take me very long to notice how attractive he was. His dark curls, warm brown tan and welcoming smile intrigued me. His eyes were liquid amber, and he didn’t dress bad either. We happened to talk for two hours before I realized that I needed to check the time. Sounds pretty darn perfect, right?

Except for the fact that he’s six years older than me. 

If I was a little older, it wouldn’t be such a big problem. But at this point, any kind of relationship between us would be pretty controversial. 

Whenever there are relationships between partners who are not close in age, there are several assumptions or questions raised.

In a situation like this one: it is assumed that the older man may have bad intentions. While my parents wouldn’t have any worries about me going to the movies with someone my age, they would have plenty if I was sharing the company of an older man. 

In a relationship where the woman is older than the man: people may predict that the woman will not be able to bear children, or that her beauty will fade fast.

With all of these in mind, is age really “just a number”? At what point is an age difference in couples not an issue? Do you have any experiences in a relationship where you had a significant age gap between you and your partner?


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2 Responses to Is Age Really “Just A Number”?

  1. I have dated women ten years younger than myself, all the way to twenty-some years older.

    If you are compatible, find out why.

    • Sorry, realized that I read your comment wrong. I’m impressed that you have dated such a wide range of women! Kudos to you. Will keep your advice in mind. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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