Lights Will Guide You Home

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s common for me to have feelings of anxiety in the morning. I guess it’s probably because the day hasn’t started yet, and sometimes I feel like there’s a lot of things for me to do. It’s also bolstered if I had bad dreams and then wake up with them fresh in my mind.

This morning to cool off, I made a cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”. I hope you like it. It’s a very calm and soothing song. Lyrics that speak to me especially are:

And high up above or down below,

when you’re too in love to let it go,

but if you never try then you’ll never know,

just what you’re worth

It’s a good reminder to me that you have to let go of things to be able to move forward.

Readers, does this song particularly resonate with you? If not, what are some songs that really speak to your heart?

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