Fact vs. Fiction Revisited

This morning, the anxious wheels in my mind were spinning out of control. I kept imagining all kinds of different hypothetical situations. I created a hypothetical situation chain, in which one horrible event followed another.

When I realized what I was doing, I told myself to stop it. I also went on here to read my past post “Fact vs. Fiction”.

Readers, these posts are not just published for your benefit, but for mine also. I often gain great insight by putting my words on paper (or in this case, typing them on a screen). I feel a sense of calm and achievement when I finish writing a post. I also feel very happy in that I can re-read them later and use them as reminders.

Reminders like these are crucial in fighting things like Anxiety, which constantly pop up without warning.

So my fellow bloggers, do you also experience epiphanies when writing? Do you revisit past posts as reminders or inspiration? If so, please share your stories below 🙂

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