Dancing By Myself

I love to sing and dance, and not just in my shower. I’m a person who can’t help moving and acting goofy when there’s music around. That means I walk to the beat of music in outdoor shopping malls, sing along to the intercom at the line in the grocery store, and even dance along the empty hardware aisles at the home improvement store. 

Yes, I’m just that weird.

I really get into my music when I’m driving too. More than once, I’ve found other drivers snickering in their cars looking at my karaoke antics. When I’m driving, it’s like I’m shooting my own music video. I’m singing along with the radio and bobbing my head around. I move my arms and do hand gestures. (Of course, this is only at a stop light. When the car is actually moving, you gotta keep both hands on the wheel). 

This morning when I was driving to the gym, I actually caught the attention of the driver in front of me at the stoplight. I was listening to my favorite South Korean boy band, Big Bang, and pretending to be all thuggish. (I was listening to their older hip hop music hehe). And when I say “thuggish”, I move my head from side to side and give a little ‘tude. I make tough faces and point at my steering wheel.

I’m completely sane I swear, I just love my music and get a little too into it.

But honestly, my weird habits make me really happy. I get a rush just letting myself fall into the music. And I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. When I hear music, I have to tap my feet, sway from side to side, sing along with the lyrics.

Want to learn more about this weird dancer? My hair’s pretty amazing in that it doesn’t obey hair brushes, and my laugh fills the room.


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5 Responses to Dancing By Myself

  1. regina5000 says:

    I agree completely with U. 😉

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