Finals Stress

So this is basically what I look like right now.

I’m taking summer classes, and have a final tonight as well as another tomorrow morning. Funnily enough, I could care less about the test tonight. I’m more worried about the test tomorrow, since it’s a class that I’ve experienced difficulty in.

Sitting in the library studying, I’m already full of self doubt. I’m thinking, there’s no way that you will be able to go over everything by tomorrow… what were you doing this whole time? Why weren’t you studying more? You’re going to do way worse than you could ever imagine.

My heart’s pounding and I’m just feeling gross. I feel like I just went for a run, even though I’ve just been sitting in the library for the past couple hours.

So that’s why, now of all times, is the best time to write a blog post.

Because I need to take a breath, reassess the situation, and just calm down.

There’s no use in regretting the past. I can’t do anything about it. But what I can do is make the best use of the time I have left. I can build myself up instead of tearing myself down. If I believe that I’ll do horribly, the more likely my nerves will disable me when I’m taking the test tomorrow.

And no matter what, I’ll be okay. I don’t think that I will really do that bad, but even if I do worse than I had anticipated, the world hasn’t ended.

When we get lost in the current situation, everything can seem much bigger and scarier than it actually is. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the big picture. Going into the test confident and calm will be more beneficial for me than nervous and scared. I can’t control what will be on the test. I just have to trust that I prepared well enough and that I am capable.

The same goes for you reader! No matter the struggle you are facing, try to believe in your own abilities. Faith is more beneficial than doubt.

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5 Responses to Finals Stress

  1. regina5000 says:

    Cool picture. Is that U? 😀

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