Get Well Wednesday

They say that laughter is the best medicine. To celebrate the end of finals for summer classes, I went out and had dinner with two of my friends. We had a blast just joking around, and I let out a lot of good belly rumbling laughs. And I feel good! It really is fun hanging out with friends.

I have a couple days off before I resume another session of classes, so I am going to make the most of them. Not sure if you will hear much from me over these next few days. I hope to be lying on a beach somewhere. Of course, if I don’t make it to the beach, sitting at my laptop writing for my blog is always my next choice 😉

Readers, how are your summers going? Are you taking summer classes? Are you maxing and relaxing with Netflix and ice cream? 

To my international readers, how’s school going? (Don’t worry, I feel your pain.)

PS: I was worried about my final today for no reason. I got my results back and found that I scored 15 points above the average 🙂 Super happy!

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