Let the Pieces Fall Where They May

Spontaneity is great.

Two nights ago, I texted three of my friends to see if they could go to the beach. One eventually couldn’t make it, but me and the other person ended up going. After chilling at the beach for a couple of hours, we got a hold of the other girl and ate dinner. After that, we were able to get a hold of another friend who was busy during the day, but free in the evening.

The four of us hung out until 1 AM.

And did I mention that I know these people from middle school? I’m quite proud that we all still get together every once in a while.

It’s nice to just let the pieces fall where they may. Sometimes having plans actually gets in the way! Somehow, it’s so much easier to just do something and tell people to come over in the moment.

I’m glad that I’m taking summer classes, but I’m so happy to have a short break right now before I go back. My day to day life usually consists of going to class, studying, going to the gym. It’s quite humdrum and ordinary. It usually doesn’t involve going to the beach or staying out late.

Part of me regrets the fact that my summer is so structured, because I feel like I could be doing stuff like this more often. However, I’m also proud of myself for my drive. I’ve chosen a certain path and stuck to it, and the hard work will pay off. For now, I will use these days to fill with more spontaneous encounters!

Readers, do you have any memorable experiences where you just “let the pieces fall where they may”?

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