Music…Gives You Wings

I don’t need any red bull for this metaphorical high. Because the truth is, music gives me wings. Singing in front of the congregation at church is an experience incomparable to anything else. Maybe it’s the beautiful simplicity of the Gregorian chant and traditional hymns. Maybe it’s because I can’t help but smile when I hear the parishioners join in song. Maybe it’s because I have always harbored a secret bias towards the pipe organ. Whatever it is, the joy I feel singing at my parish is unsurpassed.

I share this happiness because I feel at peace when I am singing. I used to feel anxiety when I would sing in front of the church, and my nerves would often impair my performance. But now, after much practice and experience, singing in front of the crowd becomes as simple as breathing. I’m in control, and I run the show (for the most part). You can still count on mishaps with sound equipment, chatty priests, or miscommunication with the organist on occasion.

One of our most memorable moments was when we got stuck with no organist and had to rely on an iPhone app for giving pitches. What could have been a disaster proved to be difficult, but manageable.

In the end, I feel happy. I feel like I am of service, to my community and to God. I feel more confident in myself and my singing abilities. I feel joy in greeting the parishioners bright and early…

“Good morning, our opening hymn can be found in your missalette, number 451, number 4-5-1. Please stand…”

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