You Know You’re “Just My Type”

When I first saw Saint Motel back in 2012, they performed at a small local club. The attendants were a small, but devoted fan base. These were people who had been following Saint Motel since day one, hipsters who wore button up shirts and bow ties to a concert. I remember feeling like you needed a special code to get in the fan club. Needless to say, I felt out of place. As for the music, the band put on a fantastic show, I remember being entranced by the display of energy. The venue also did a great job coordinating the lights with their lively music. When they blacked out the entire club as everyone shouted “Benny Goodman!”, the crowd went wild.

Fast forward two years later. The venue was still on the small side, but it was bursting to the seams with all kinds of people. Gone were the days of a “small” fan base. These fans were numerous, the night was electric. All around me, concert goers were shouting, jumping, a sweaty hot mess. It was great.

I was amazed by the fact that they had become so popular. They undoubtedly deserve it. It seems like their music is not just “my type” after all.

Congratulations Saint Motel, I wish you all the best. Keep rocking out 🙂

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