One of My Pet Peeves…

Before big exams, auditions, or tryouts, people always seem to flock together. These are all the uneasy people, looking for affirmation from others who are also uneasy. These people often fish for compliments by saying “There’s no way I could make it in! I’m so untalented, as compared to you.” And people often grasp the hook, saying “No way! Your voice is way better than mine!”. And so on and so forth. Until people’s egos have finally inflated to a level that leads one to be content. 

It annoys me to no end.

Because the truth is, if these people really felt like they were so untalented or unqualified, they would have just stayed home. And spared my poor ears. 

You see, I’m not one of those people. Before big events like these, I usually isolate myself. I’m quite content to be by myself and not get swept up with everyone else’s problems. I use this time to focus, because as cold as it sounds, talking to them will not really improve my chances. In case you didn’t know, I actually have quite a competitive streak. When I’m in something, I’m usually in it to win. Or at least, beat someone else :P. 

For example, as I was walking out of class today I heard a girl complaining to her friend about the fact that she no longer had a “connection” to get her into a selective major. 

What does this girl think she’s talking about? No matter the amount of “connections” you have, you won’t get into the program if you lack the grades or motivation. Let’s face it, even if you got in because of your “connections”, these people can’t help you stay afloat once you’re in the program. 

Something that I’ve learned from my past experiences in swimming is that you just need to worry about yourself. The more you psyche yourself out, the more problems you’re going to have! One time before a race I was nervous about swimming against an older teammate. Instead of being poised to start at the beep, I was staring at my opponent. Beep! And off she went, while I was still stuck on the diving block. Needless to say, I didn’t win the race.

So reader, don’t worry about what other people got going on. Use that time to instead to prepare and sharpen your own skills. When the time comes, you’ll blow everyone else away 😉

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