#1 Way To Get More Views

A couple weeks ago, my blog saw a flurry of activity. All of a sudden I was receiving triple the views I normally see! Then, just as quickly, all of the activity died down. And it left me thinking, “Why?”

Part of the reason was that I was on break from school. Because of this, I wasn’t posting as regularly as I normally did. I also felt like my postings weren’t as good as usual.

But the even larger reason was that I wasn’t spending time on WordPress. 

Although writing well and often is very important for your blog, it’s almost equally important to spend time on other people’s blogs.

What? I want more views on my blog, so I’m going to go out and spend time looking at other people’s blogs?


When you take the time to leave genuine and thoughtful comments, it often directs more traffic to your site than anything else.

You gotta give a little to get a little.

So fellow bloggers, go out there and read! Go out and comment! You may find pieces that truly touch your heart, and once you add to the discussion you only reap the benefits. Perhaps the discussion that ensues will even inspire to write another unique post 🙂 Make those connections and continue to build your blog!

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3 Responses to #1 Way To Get More Views

  1. regina5000 says:

    That´s true, we have to give if we want to get. 😀

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