You’re Different From Me… And That’s OK

There are a lot of factors that make me different from some people. I’m Catholic. I don’t drink alcohol, and doubt I ever really will. I’m a virgin, and plan to stay that way until I’m married. I haven’t used recreational drugs, and I don’t really plan on doing those either.

There are a lot of other people who do not share my ways of thinking.

But that’s okay. 

From my past year at the University, meeting all kinds of people, and taking all kinds of classes I’ve learned something very important.

Just because I choose these things, doesn’t mean that these choices are also correct for other people. 

I cannot claim to love my future spouse more, just because I saved my virginity for him. 

I can’t say that my life is filled with more purpose than someone else’s, just because I believe in God.

I can’t claim to be to smarter or wiser, just because I don’t drink alcohol or use recreational drugs.

I cannot claim to be superior to others, simply because I chose things that they didn’t choose.

Through my experiences, and learning from other people’s experiences, I’ve come to the realization that people can choose all kinds of paths, and they may still end up at the same destination.

So make your own choices, for your own reasons. But respect other people and their right to also make their own decisions.

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