Battling Weight Loss

“Did you lose more weight again?”

It seems to be the new favorite phrase among friends’ parents that I haven’t seen in a while. And it’s not a compliment. I’m not a person who will boast, “Thanks for noticing! I’m trying out a new diet”. I’m a person who instead says, “Maybe a little bit. I’m trying to gain it back though”.

I swear, it’s not my fault.

I’m working on being more aware of my body, and eating more. It’s bothersome because sometimes I just don’t get the urge to eat! Most of the time I eat because I look at the clock and figure out, hey I should eat something by now.

I’ve been going to the gym and gaining muscle. Since I started going, I’ve gained five pounds. Those closest to me have noticed the difference. However, for people who haven’t seen me since last summer, they only notice how skinny I’ve gotten.

“I’m jealous of people like you. You lose weight without even trying”.

That’s right, I’m not trying to lose weight and I lose it anyways. It’s not something that’s so great.

It’s something that I’m sensitive about, and people’s comments don’t help at all. It instead gets me to think, Do I really look that bad? Do I look ugly? Like some kind of skeleton?

It’d be so nice to simply hear from someone, “Hey you look great!”, without mentioning my weight at all.

Everyone has different circumstances. Weight loss is not always favorable. Weight loss is not always intentional. I’m not anorexic or bulimic, I’m just anxious. And I’m working on gaining weight back, at my own pace. People’s comments, though meant with good intentions, often hurt more than anything.

If you know someone going through a rough time, give them a compliment today. Kind words help more than you know.


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3 Responses to Battling Weight Loss

  1. regina5000 says:

    I´ve lost a lot of weight lately. ¡Nooooooooo…

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