I Dreamed What?!?

This morning I was absentmindedly brushing my hair when I remembered last night’s dream. I dreamed what?!? I began to chastise myself profusely.

You see my dear readers, I had a dream last night that a certain someone reciprocated my feelings. And somewhere along the line we started dating.

While I was dreaming, it was great. I woke up feeling content from this fantasy. And then just as easily, I forgot about it as I went about my morning routine. Until I was brushing my hair that is. Then the dream came out of the alleys of my mind and slapped me in the face.

Geez louise!

Although my previous post made it sound like I was planning a secret wedding with this guy, I’m not entirely sure of my feelings. Sometimes I feel like this guy is beyond cool! Sometimes I can only look at him as a friend, or he does something that I find a major turn off. I’m not sure how I feel all the time.

It’s complicated.

It seems like my brain wanted to play a little “what if” situation for me. In my brain, everything went great! We were really happy together. Is it bound to be like that in real life? I’m not so sure.

My therapist before has told me that if you have a dream about something, it simply means that this thing has really been on your mind. I guess this guy’s been on my mind more than I thought.

Readers, what are the weirdest dreams that you’ve forgotten and then remembered?

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