Rejuvenate Yourself

Are you in a slump? I feel like I am. 

Feeling tired from school, stress, life in general. Anxiety is a tiring thing to deal with. Plus, my sleep hasn’t been so great. I feel like I’ve had a lot on my mind and haven’t been able to sleep restfully.

Now is when all this stops!

Take a couple minutes to yourself, close your eyes and breathe. When I mean business, I tie my hair back. Turn on that song that gets you nice and relaxed. (For me, it’s Gravity by John Mayer). Think of all the things you want to achieve today, and tell yourself that you can do it! Don’t get swayed by the things you haven’t done yet, things you haven’t finished, things you feel bad about. Put yourself in a positive mindset, and tell yourself that you are in control. No matter what you are dealing with in your life, today is when you take that first step. You can’t achieve difficult things with just one step though. A journey is made of a thousand steps! So get out there and start walking 🙂 And at the end of the day, be happy with the progress that you made.

I hope you have a wonderful, stress-free, productive day Readers 🙂 

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