Anxiety Buster

If you have ever dealt with anxiety, you know that it is a constant struggle. You need to constantly be aware of your thoughts, and be able to redirect them to happier roads. It requires constant vigilance, and you need different kinds of coping strategies!

When I’m feeling anxious, I seek things that make me happy. Some of these things are playing my guitar, reading manga, looking at updates about Big Bang, or reading this guy’s blog!

If you have never heard of “Storytime with John”, I sincerely recommend you to check him out. He writes with wit and captivation, and his humorous stories are endless! His posts never fail to make me laugh and forget my troubles. 

And besides his writing talent, he’s an elementary school teacher. Read that again, he’s great with kids. Four words to make any female swoon. If you watch any of his videos, you’ll see what I mean.

Readers, do you have any blogs that you’d recommend me to read? (LOL no shameless self promotion please!)


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