Releasing Emotions Through Song

I guess the songwriter inside me isn’t dormant after all. She had just been waiting for the right moment to reveal herself. And good she did, otherwise I would probably be a seething volcano.

I wrote two songs this morning, one about this guy, another one about my crazy aunt who ignored me for two years.

“Ignored you for two years? What do you mean by that?”

Why thanks for asking Reader, because I’m about to tell you.

It means that I literally became part of the wall every time she was in the room. She would look over me like I wasn’t even there. For the first year, I always said hi to her, with no response. I called her on her birthday and left her a voicemail. I texted her and told her when I was admitted to her alma mater. This whole time, she gave me nothing.

Well except for “Merry Christmas” on Dec. 25th. And that’s because my grandmother bugged her to do so.

“Why did she ignore you?”

Reader, you’re such a great audience. Well I’ll tell you why.

Because she didn’t approve of my boyfriend. Yeah, people do that. Crazy Asian aunts like her do that. She doesn’t belong in this century, I swear.

Well anyways, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’ve since broken up with him!

And just like that, my aunt starts treating me normally and wants to talk to me like we are best friends.

Naturally, this kind of behavior could drive anyone crazy insane.

I’ve dealt with it pretty well I think, except yesterday she was killing me. I was trying to study, and she kept trying to make small talk with me. I respond to her out of politeness, but I’m not really interested in talking to her, especially when I’m trying to study. And then after that, she tried to plan a vacation with me. You ignored me for two whole years, then you expect me to be stuck in some hotel with you? Puh-lease.

So yeah, I wrote all about it in a song. And I think it’s quite good. When I clean it up, maybe I’ll share it with you on here.

I love songwriting, because in the song I can say all the things I can’t say out loud. I can say all the things that I can’t say to her face. I can be as sassy and mean as I want to be. Because it’s just a song. It’s a very special outlet for me.

Readers, how do YOU let off steam? 🙂

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8 Responses to Releasing Emotions Through Song

  1. gpyrois says:

    Through poetry, lets hear the song!

    • Ah….. there’s some things that I still want to change but I guess I can share part of it with you.


      Cuz oh you didn’t seem to mind two years ago,
      when you couldn’t even look me in the eyes and say hello


      Hello, hello
      Where were you two years ago?
      Think I could just forget and let it go?
      Shows you just how much you think you know


      So I guess you’re sorry now?
      Funny but I never heard that apology
      You blocked me out, but now you want me back again?

      So I guess you know what’s best?
      If ignoring me was best, I suggest you do it again
      cuz I ended up alright without you in the end

      It’s still a bit rough, and very angsty, but writing it did help me feel better 🙂

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