Wearing A Muzzle

Have you ever had someone call you up and tell you that you shouldn’t feel a certain way?

“You shouldn’t be angry. You should be happy. You need to learn to let things go”.

And then they continue telling you that your feelings hurt other people.

“All she wants is for everyone to get along. So you can’t be like that.”

And that your behavior is not suitable for someone your age.

“Someone as old as you shouldn’t have hatred in your heart.”

News flash: you have no right to tell me what I can and can’t feel. You can’t control what I can and can’t say. I am my own person. And I don’t live to please other people.

Sometimes people make me so angry I want to go live in another country just to get away.

Some people are just so absurd and I’m tired of it. In their own twisted logic they mean well, but all they achieve is making me a crying wreck.

No one should ever feel guilty for having emotions.

But I can’t tell any of these people what I’m feeling, because that’d just result in an hour phone lecture. Just have to smile and tell them that I’m fine.

Thank God I can at least say what I’m feeling on here.

Readers, have you ever had experiences where you can’t tell someone your real feelings? How did you deal with it?

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3 Responses to Wearing A Muzzle

  1. gpyrois says:

    Smile and say it to them in your mind, you will be just fine!

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