Why I Like You

When I’m around you I can’t help but notice all of the little things. I always notice when you dress well, always laugh at your jokes, always wish I could make a move without making things weird. I’m so scared about coming on too strong, and making you feel uncomfortable or avoid me. It’s one thing to be rejected, it’s another to know that the person can’t stand being around you anymore.

You’re a complete dork. But I like what I like.

I like how you’re sweet. You’re so nice, it’s almost a joke. You’re a good guy, who would make sacrifices even for a random stranger.

I think you’re handsome. You’re not the typical kind of guy that I go for, but you’re cute. I like how you walk with cheerfulness. You just has a cute everything. And I can’t stop noticing all of these things.

I love your humor. I think you’re so witty. Of course, I laugh at the cheesiest jokes. But I really like how you joke around, I feel like I get you.

I love how smart you are, and how you have high ambitions for the future. I admire someone with drive like that.

I admire the fact that you’re open minded, and look at the world differently than I do. You’re not quite as serious, and I think that’s a good thing. Sometimes I’m a tad too responsible.

I love that you treat everyone with equal respect.

I love the fact that you don’t even realize what a catch you are.

But somehow, I really hate this feeling in my chest, because I don’t see something romantic happening between us, no matter how much I like you. I’m not sure if there’s chemistry, or if you even like me at all. If you even look at me as a prospective romantic partner at all.


But in the end, I still like you all the same. There’s no helping it. I like what I like.

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