Safe Haven

For me, playing guitar has always been a safe haven. When it’s just me and my guitar, I create a whole other world. In this world, I lose myself in melodies and chords and experience “flow”. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, I’ve included a definition below!

Definition of Flow


When I was at the top of my game, I could pick up my guitar and play for an hour without stopping. It was effortless. I had a whole bank of songs available in my head, and I could pick and choose as I please. I transitioned between songs with barely a breath in between. There was no thinking, it was just me and the music.

I can’t say that it’s exactly the same experience now. I’ve been playing guitar since the summer of 2009, but as high school became more difficult and time consuming, I barely ever played anymore. Then eventually college came around, and I was busier than ever before! Now I am taking summer classes, but I find that I am able to play guitar if I organize my time well. I’m actually enjoying my summer classes somewhat, because I’m making time for things like playing my guitar and seeing friends.

I’m really happy that I’m getting back into it, because it means that I get to learn new songs and revisit old songs that I haven’t played in a while. It feels good to just lose myself in the music, it feels wonderful to sing and play loudly, to perform with gusto! I also feel satisfaction in knowing that I’m expanding my knowledge data base, and that I can play a certain number of songs by heart. I’m trying to play everyday now, and pick out certain songs that I want to master. It feels really good once I’ve played the song enough times to have it memorized. And of course, once it’s memorized I can play around with dynamics and strumming techniques. It really is fun 🙂

And of course, it just feels good to feel my fingers becoming more limber, and rediscovering the callouses on my left hand 😛

If you’re interested, you can listen to me playing acoustic covers here.

Readers, do you have any activities that you really enjoy? Why do you enjoy them? And how often do you make time for doing the things that you enjoy?

Hope you are all having a wonderful morning/day/night/everything!

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