What Really Matters

I’ve had that “rose and chocolates” romance. And it was nice! Made you feel special, you always knew that he wouldn’t forget Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries, and you always had interesting things to tell your friends.

“Last weekend he surprised me with….”

But when you get down to the nitty gritty, none of that means squat.

I’ve since realized, no matter how many songs he has written for you, if he doesn’t respect your right to have different thoughts, then he’s done for.

Somehow, Hollywood movies has shaped everyone’s idea of a perfect romance to be the guy who writes poetry, writes you letters for ten years, writes you songs….

(So yeah, all you writers out there got game)

But back to the point, it’s this whole idea of, “Well if he’s romantic, everything else will fall into place, since he’s Prince Charming”.

So not true.

Even though my ex always did thoughtful things for me, things didn’t just “fall into place”. We argued a lot. He didn’t respect my thoughts, didn’t try to understand my way of thinking, and I cried a lot from stress. Not to say that I was perfect either. There are several different things that I’m at fault for as well. We had radically different world views, and no amount of heckling or arguing could change one or the other. It’s much better for us as individuals to not be together.

So yeah, for the next guy who comes around!

I don’t care if you can sing. If you can write songs. If you’re a creative genius in general. I don’t care if you surprise me with secret dates or embarrass me in front of large crowds. I don’t care if you create an elaborate plan for proposing to me someday.

I’ll appreciate anything that you do, if you put your sincere effort and emotion into it.

Just promise me that you’ll respect the fact that I can have different thoughts than you.

**Funnily enough, the guy I’m into right now couldn’t carry a tune if it was in a bucket.

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5 Responses to What Really Matters

  1. gpyrois says:

    Congratulations on the new guy and it’s nice to see your journey has led you to the realization that it’s about compatibility and not flattery.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty sure it’s one sided but I’m enjoying having a crush all the same. In the end, no matter how sweet someone may be, if it ain’t meant to be, it ain’t! Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. I wish you the best! 🙂

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