Feeling Sluggish

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that Anxiety sometimes comes in waves. It’s like when you’re out at the beach, and suddenly all of your belongings are wet since you didn’t notice the tide came in. The water comes in swiftly and quietly, and almost takes you by surprise. Anxiety is the same way.

I was having a great evening hanging out with an old friend, but once I got home the good feelings dissipated. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I started feeling awful. Maybe it’s because I had bad dreams last night, and I’m worried about going to sleep. Maybe it’s because I’m worried that I didn’t eat enough today, and that I’ll keep losing weight. Maybe it’s because, deep down, I’m worried that I’m simply not good enough for him to like me back.

Whatever it is, I’m consumed with dread now.

In these situations, I feel hopeless and I’m not sure what to do. But I’ve since realized from past experiences, sitting around doing nothing often leaves you feeling worse. If you can find an activity to take part in, to distract yourself with, you can conquer these feelings of Anxiety.

I played guitar a little bit, and I’m going to try and find a funny manga. While I’m reading, I’ll be sure to eat something. Somehow, it’s easier to consume something if you are busy doing something else. I can mindlessly eat food while I’m focused on something else, and my nerves won’t mess up the digestion.

Hope you are all having a better evening than I am. Don’t worry, things will turn out alright! You are beautiful, smart, and talented. You can do anything that you set your sights on.

(I’m half saying these things for you Reader, and half saying them for my own sake)

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3 Responses to Feeling Sluggish

  1. regina5000 says:

    One way to forget the anxiety is entertaining yourself. Taking a walk, reading a book, turning on the music and dancing, singing in the shower, watching tv, going shopping…

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