Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Want to know a secret? 

I’m a horrible liar. I couldn’t tell you a believable lie if I tried. Somehow, I feel guilty about lying even if it’s about something inconsequential. And when I try, it’s not believable because I can’t improvise on the spot! 

“And where did you say this party was again?”

“Ummm…… “

Because I’m such a bad liar, I can never keep surprises quiet. I get too excited about the surprise, and can’t wait to tell the person. So I start acting funky, and they can tell that something is up.

If I’ve ever ruined a surprise for you, I’m sorry!

A perfect example of this was when I was helping a boy ask my sister to her senior Prom. Now, part of this wasn’t even my fault, my mom didn’t follow on her part of the bargain. My sister needed to be home at a certain time for the boy to swing by the house and ask her. I asked my mom to get my sister home at a certain time, but of course, she didn’t. It was a Sunday, so everyone was at my grandma’s house, and all of my aunts wanted to take my sister shopping. Of course, I couldn’t let that happen because she needed to be home! My mom was telling me to get the boy to come by a different day >.> gee thanks Mom. 

So how did I get my sister out of there? 

I said that I needed her help filling out forms for school loans. 

WHY? I had no idea!

Then another problem arose. That morning, I told my sister to not change into her pajamas once she got home. (It’s my sister’s favorite habit. She gets all dressed up when she goes out, but when she comes home, she throws on pajamas and turns on Netflix). 

Why did I do this?

I was trying to be a kind and helpful sister!

Because I knew what it was like to be surprised at home by a boy when you look horrible -.- But that’s a story for another time.

Anyways, while we were in the car driving home, my sister picked up on this. 

“This morning you told me not to wear my pajamas at home. I don’t need to wear jeans to help you fill out financial aid forms.”

Uh oh. And I was caught red-handed -.-

I tried to cover up with another story, but when I get nervous I start to ramble. I started saying a bunch of things that didn’t even make sense!

“Well you see it’s because of this…. and that…. and just because….”

So she figured out that something was up. She told me later that she knew that he was going to ask her, but she just didn’t know how. The entire time I acted like I had no idea what she was talking about, trying to protect my last shred of dignity.

It was pretty darn ridiculous.

In the end, she got asked out to Prom, and was very happy. They went to Prom together and had a great time, and I helped made it happen! (Ok, not really, but I did go to extensive measures trying to lie and get her home on time).

Moral of the story? 

Don’t ask me to help plan a surprise because I just can’t lie!

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3 Responses to Liar Liar Pants On Fire

  1. regina5000 says:

    Not to lie it´s imposible. Lying is a disease.

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