That “X-Factor”

Dear Lord. As I’m exiting the choir loft, I lock eyes with him. His hands are caught in his long black locks, those slacks and patent leather shoes just…. wow. His impeccable wardrobe aside, he has the voice of an angel.

Yeah, he’s pretty darn attractive.

The funny thing is, what I find attractive varies a lot. And something that looks good on someone, won’t always look good on someone else.

For example, my ex used to have long hair and I hated it on him. But the guy I just described, looks absolutely wonderful with long hair. I don’t mind that his hair is longer than mine at all!

Compared to the suave, well dressed fellow I just described, I also find folk singing hippies attractive. I typically don’t go for guys who have tattoos or piercings, but I think Christofer Drew is absolutely adorable! I feel completely entranced watching him sing.

The guy I currently have feelings for looks nothing like the other guys I mentioned. He’s blonde, has no tattoos or piercings, and his musical talent is next to none.

Why is it that I can find so many different kinds of guys attractive?

All of these guys, though they are different physically, have it. 

They have that “X factor”, something that I find interesting and attractive. Something that makes me curious and intrigued. Whether it be charisma, confidence, or the way that they treat others… something that they’ve done or said has drawn my attention, and garners my respect. 

That being said, I don’t have a certain physical “type” that I look for. I find all kinds of guys attractive. If you’re nerdy though, you might gain some extra points.

Ladies and gents, is there a specific physical type that you typically find attractive? Or have you ever been attracted to someone completely different from past partners? And if so, what attracted you to them? 

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