Take Life By The Horns

“You want to perform in front of people right? Go out in the front and play for the customers, I’ll turn the music off.”

My eyes widened and my stomach dropped to the floor as I followed the restaurant owner out to the patio. As I heard the PA system click off, I pulled my guitar out of its case and tried to compose myself. I had to strum the opening chord of the song a couple of times to remember the correct rhythm. And off I went! 

In the end, it actually wasn’t so hard. I was able to breeze past my mistakes and stay focused. I projected my voice and played relatively well. I played 3 songs for the customers before I went back inside to talk more with the owner.

I wasn’t expecting an audition like that at all. I brought my guitar with me, thinking that I would have to play for a single person (owner/manager/person in charge). I wasn’t expecting to play for a small group of people. 

You see Readers, today I went on an adventure. First, I swung by city hall to see if the city required a permit for me to sing on the street. They had no such thing, but the woman I was asking warned me that a police officer may still give me a ticket if I was obstructing the public’s right of way. She mentioned that performing in a cafe or restaurant would be more preferable.

So I took her advice and went traipsing around town with my guitar strapped to my back. And today was my lucky day! The second place I stepped into allowed live music. After talking to the owner for a little bit, an impromptu performance, and some more talking, it was decided that I will perform there at the end of the week.

I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself. As I left the restaurant, I wasn’t walking. I was floating. 

You never know what you can achieve, unless you try. 

I’ve been wanting to perform in front of people for a while now, and after fairly little effort on my part, I was able to snag a gig today! 

I’m looking forward to performing there. I will keep you all updated on how it goes! Can’t wait!!

Readers, I hope that you try and push yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit. What are the things that you’ve always wanted to do, but have never tried? Go out and pursue them! Opportunities are just waiting for you to take a hold of them 🙂

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