Radical Acceptance

My mom always thinks that I’m going to drop out of University. When I was dating my ex, she always predicted that I would become pregnant and leave school. Now, she thinks that I’m going to leave my studies to become a musician. No matter what, she always thinks that I will end up working a minimum wage job flipping hamburgers somewhere.

I always find this frustrating and insulting. It’s disparaging to know that she has such little confidence in me.

Anyone that knows me will know that I would never drop out of University. Why waste the time, money, and effort put into my classes so far just to leave without a degree? People don’t give you gold stars for finishing one year at a four year college.

My therapist tells me that I just have to accept that that’s how my mom is. My mom will never change her ways of thinking. She will always jump to conclusions and assume the worst. She prepares for failure rather than looking toward success. That’s just who she is.

And you know what? No matter what her thoughts or words are, I won’t be how she predicts me to be. Her “premonitions” have no affect on how my life will play out.

I will climb the ladder to success and disprove all of her comments.

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One Response to Radical Acceptance

  1. regina5000 says:

    She says that because, she doesn´t want that for you. Just take care about your study. That´s what I do.

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