Rose War

Have you ever bought flowers for someone on Valentine’s Day? If you’re of the female persuasion, like me, you probably haven’t. 

Well this last Valentine’s Day, I went to the nearest supermarket to buy my sister a red rose. At the time, I was dating my ex, and knew that he would probably do something sweet for me. My sister wasn’t dating anyone at the time, and I knew she would probably be disappointed if she didn’t receive anything. And so began my quest! 

So there I am, in the flower section of Albertsons, the only dang female in the place. Men are looking at me with frantic and guilty faces, trying to decide whether they should feel ashamed buying last minute roses for their wives, or tackle me down before I steal their flowers. It was quite amusing, and quite horrifying at the same time.

And I’ll admit, as a female I was quite disappointed with the male race at the time. I saw all kinds of men just getting off of work trying to wrangle up a dozen red roses and chocolates, and I thought, “Is this all there is to romance?” Surely these men could have prepared something before the very last second, or come up with something more meaningful than a bunch of roses and chocolates? It really seemed like these men were fighting for these flowers in order to stay out of the “dog house”. So yes, I was quite disappointed. But never mind!

I managed to escape the throng of rose lusting men clutching a single red rose in my hand. And she was happy to receive something on Valentine’s Day. 

Readers, have you ever experienced something similar? What do you think about the Valentine’s Day tradition? Is it a genuine holiday, or just another day for men to give their women cliche tokens?

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4 Responses to Rose War

  1. regina5000 says:

    Yeah! That happened to me a lot of times ago.

  2. regina5000 says:

    Reblogged this on Diversión3000 and commented:
    This is a post that I really like and I agree completely with it and hope you like it.

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