Spin Me Something Positive

This morning, had another upsetting conversation with my mother. After she saw that I had used two packets of oatmeal for breakfast, she chastised me saying that I would never finish. She also claimed that my mind is too busy with thoughts for my body to absorb nutrients. And to top it all of, she basically told me that it would be impossible for me to gain weight.

Thanks for the uplifting words Mom.

So after a good cry (I mean, who wants to hear stuff like that in the morning?) I emerged from my room only after she left the house. 

I had effectively lost my appetite after our little discussion, so I decided to get a little creative. We had some bananas that were getting pretty ripe, so I combined them with my oatmeal and peanut butter in our blender. And voila! Had a nutritious, easy to eat shake. I turned on some good music, made my lunch, and headed to school. First stopped by the gym for a nice workout, and now sitting in the library.

She doesn’t mean to be harmful. She really doesn’t, but she is. And there’s no way that I can get her to understand that she hurts me with the words she uses. There’s no way that I can get her to speak to me differently.

But that’s okay.

Because even though she hurts me, I can get over it. I can get up and prove her wrong. 

Don’t listen to people who say “you can’t”. There just don’t know what you’re capable of.


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