He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…

Lately, my inner heart has been in turmoil. It’s like she is sailing the seven seas, and only recently noticed a small leak in her boat. The leak is small, she says. We will be fine, she says. And it’s only too soon before water comes roaring into the boat, and we have to escape with our lives.

Okay, maybe a little melodramatic, but still.

I’ve been struggling with the issue whether I should tell my friend how I feel about him.

The benefits of telling him? He might think of me in the same way.

However, I really doubt this :/ And it seems like the negatives outweigh the positives.

Possible problems that may arise if I tell him? I get hurt because he doesn’t feel the same way. I might lose his friendship, or be forever doomed to avoid him or act awkward around him.

I want to stay his friend, no matter how he feels.

But I feel like if I am rejected point blank, I might need some distance.

Above all, I don’t want to make him feel bad for however I may react with his answer.

So how do I go about telling him? Or should I keep my mouth shut?

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11 Responses to He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…

  1. gpyrois says:

    Look, I don’t know how old you are but my advice is keep the friendship as good friends are few and far between the older you get. But the real question is, did you enter this friendship looking to be just that or have you always had a desire for him. If the latter holds true, tell him and be prepared to deal with the consequences. But if the former is the case, don’t mention it, let things play out the way they will. And in the event he enters another relationship you will be able to focus on just friendship until your heart finds a true companion.

  2. braixetta says:

    I kept my mouth shut, am I’m not to thrilled about my choice. I really belive that you shouldn’t tell him if you have other crushes that might become more of your main. Have you gotten to learn him? If he’s the one, Is say go for it. The sooner the better!

  3. I say life is short, throw caution to the wind and tell him! If he feels the same way, GREAT, if not, then the knowledge he doesn’t will probably help you move on. Indulge in your curiosity 😉

    • Thanks Roxy. I’m planning on seeing him later this week. I’m not planning on saying anything per se, but I hope the hot red dress I’m gonna wear gives him a hint 😉 and if I do end up saying something, I’m gonna at least look fabulous while doing so. Hope you are doing well!

  4. regina5000 says:

    U shouldn´t tell him about your feelings of him. U have to wait him to tell U. Reasons why U don´t have to tell him:
    1. Men likes to win, he´ll not delay to tell U what he feels for you.
    2. If U tell him, it will hurt U if he doesn´t feel the same. (Even kids know it)
    3. Even if your just friends after the disappointment, he will not see you the same way, neither U.
    I´m so sorry about your broken heart, well, time cures eveything. :/

  5. regina5000 says:

    Most of men, likes women that aren´t easy to have. Treat him as an option, if you tell him your feelings first, he´ll think that you are desperate, which is not the case.

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