The Things You Can’t Change

Every morning, my mom is late for work.

And every morning, I’m constantly warning her that she should get ready earlier.

Do my words ever change anything?

Of course not!

But for whatever reason, I get wound up each morning and continue to spew my cautionary words. 

Why do I do that to myself?

No matter what I say, she won’t change herself. Although I mean well, I think I only achieve in annoying myself and my mother more. My breath is wasted on her!

Sometimes you have to realize the things you can’t change, and keep your mouth shut.

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5 Responses to The Things You Can’t Change

  1. braixetta says:

    Yeah, also I keep telling my mom to stop texting while driving, one time, the was quoting from a book while the was driving and swerved all around the street. I warn her and warn her, and be never listens, looks like we are in the same boat. 😛😞

    • It’s annoying when we see people we care about (especially adults who should know better) continue to persist in bad habits. But the truth is they won’t change :/ Continuing to get upset about the things they do doesn’t help us at all! In these situations, people will only change if they feel like they really need to. Hoping your mom does change her habit soon though! Texting while driving is dangerous, not only for herself and her passengers, but other drivers as well.

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