Things Falling Into Place

Sometimes, things feel so natural. Like smiling at you after I see your smile. Or playing guitar and letting my spirit run wild. Or sitting at the piano and playing a familiar melody. Or even writing posts like these, and then publishing it for the whole wide world to see!

Every so often, things just feel good. You have to keep these feelings strong in your heart, and save them for rainy days.

The other day my therapist told me this: “You have to remember, that no matter what happens, you will cope and survive. You have great coping skills”.

I think we often let ourselves believe that we will not survive the next “catastrophe”. Whether this be heartbreak, bad grades, being fired, getting divorced…

No matter what, you do survive, adapt, and move on.

Don’t waste time thinking about all of the bad things that may possibly happen. Because when we are being truly honest, bad things will happen! It is one of the few things that are definite about life, just like the fact that death is inescapable.

But even though they happen, you will make it through.

In five years, will this really matter? What about ten years? Twenty years?

Human beings have the immense strength to adapt to their surroundings. I have met some of the strongest people through my experiences volunteering in the hospital. People who have survived cancer, outlived their children, had miscarriages… the list of tragedies goes on and on. But these people are still living, breathing, and fighting for each day.

There is almost nothing that you can’t handle in my opinion. If you have the right mindset, you can handle just about everything!

Hope you are having a positive day 🙂 Remember to keep things in perspective.

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2 Responses to Things Falling Into Place

  1. braixetta says:

    Hope you stay in good shape. 😉

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