Big Day Today

Just woke up a little while ago, and planning out what I’m going to do today. I’m performing somewhere at the end of the week, so I have to work on preparing for that! And tonight, I’m going to the movies with my friend.

Will anything happen? I really don’t know. Perhaps I’ll come home on cloud nine, or maybe I’ll just want to cry.

Not too sure, but I’m at least finding comfort in the fact that he’s going to the movies with me.

I’m just happy with myself for putting myself out there and trying. I always enjoy his company, so I know that I’ll have a good time.

Perhaps I’ll find out more today about how he feels about me.

Either way, today is a big day! Going to play guitar for a while to get my set list straight. I’m also going to play around with my audio equipment and see what it’s like to play standing for two hours. Last time I performed sitting down, but I do think you make more of an impression on people if you’re standing.

Then I’ll dress up a little and see him tonight. Wish me luck!

Readers, how do you normally start your day? Do you make plans or a type of to do list? Or do you just roll with it and let the day happen?

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