Being Ms. Over-Responsible

“Mom, it’s 9:50 already.”

“Honey, I’m not going in to work today.”

Whoops. I had been knocking on my mom’s door and giving her reminders of the time since I believed she was running late to work. In my defense, she is always running late to work. But there is something to be learned from here. Whether she is punctual or not is not my problem.

Sometimes I risk being “over-responsible”. I’m that person who’s in charge of the group project, who coordinates communication between all of the members, and pieces all of it together. Why? I often tell myself that it’s because no one else will step up, or no one else will do it as well as I will.

Do I sound like a bitch? Probably.

I’m that person who tries to do everything at the same time. I just can’t relax. I have to always have some kind of project or thing to do.

That’s not to say that I don’t like my fair share of Netflix and popcorn, but I can’t stand to sit on the couch all day.

How do I let go of this inner control freak? I’m not too sure. I’m almost certain that she will always be a part of me.

But I do know that moments of realization like this do help. The next time my mom is running late for work, I won’t spend time giving her reminders. Unless she asks for them. By releasing myself from the “responsibility” of getting her to work on time, I manage to annoy her less and not stress out.

Hopefully by applying this concept to other parts of my life I will also lessen my Anxiety.

Readers do you have any experience with being a control freak? How do you control the urge to micro-manage?

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5 Responses to Being Ms. Over-Responsible

  1. braixetta says:

    I feel over responsible sometimes too. I wouldn’t say your acting like a… Umm… I guess… “female dog”. If your mom does not appreciate you reminding her, just don’t. If she’s if she makes a fuss, just leave her alone. There’s nothing you can do it once she says that. Just do normal responsibility. I like to help people too, but I think that you can only do so much.


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