Reflecting and Celebrating

Do you ever take time to think about where you were 6 months ago?

In the last 6 months I have achieved so much, and sometimes it just feels good to reflect and celebrate. The funny thing is the amount of change that has happened doesn’t really dawn on you until you take a step back. Sometimes it is good to stop, take a breath, and look back on what you’ve gained.

In the last six months…

I started volunteering at the hospital. I now know what it is like to work in a hospital, and have confirmed that I truly do want to be a nurse. I can see myself working in that environment and taking care of others. I have learned that what makes a great healthcare worker is really how you treat others. When you treat patients with kindness, understanding, and respect, it goes a long way. People may not remember your name, but they remember how kind you were to them and how you made them feel.

I took summer classes! During that time, I worked really hard and was able to increase my GPA. By doing so, I completed more prerequisites for my major and hope to increase my chances of getting accepted in the Nursing program.

I started going to the gym more. I feel more confident about my body and also feel really good about being active.

I performed music in a public setting for the very first time. I’ve always wanted to perform music for people, but I never really took the chance. Lucky for me, I finally did.

I found a new hobby, swing dancing! I’ve actually always loved to dance, however I haven’t really taken formal classes before. I really like swing dancing because you dance with a partner, and the feeling you get when the two of you move as one is incredible.

I actually started this blog 😛 Really weird to think that this blog was only started in June. I feel like WordPress has literally become a part of my daily life. I have really enjoyed being able to express myself through this blog, and getting to interact with other bloggers. Thank you for making WordPress so wonderful!

Readers, what have you done in the last 6 months? Share your stories below!

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