Back in the Saddle Again

School has finally started. Once again, I am thrust into the whirlwind of online assignments, textbook readings, and eccentric professors.

I am once again reminded that studying means everything at this point.

No more Netflix binging, and time to meet up with friends is limited. Our time to hang out is not only constrained by my busy schedule, but theirs as well.

This means that I should be studying every day in order to get good grades. I want to continue increasing my GPA as I have been doing almost all of last year. I am also applying for the Nursing program this quarter, so the final grades I receive are crucial.


Of course, I know that one cannot study all the time without play. I know from last year that you can only study for so long in one period before your face melts off. I know these things.

So I’m going to try joining the swing dancing club! Hopefully I will meet many new interesting people there. I’m going to continue volunteering at the hospital and at my church. I’m going to try and take one non-science class each quarter. I have to find new ways to reward myself during my study breaks.

But for better or for worse, here I am! And here’s to hoping that this new school year will be filled with new and exciting experiences. (Good grades couldn’t hurt either).

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